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Why Our Wine?

With so many different wines out there on the market, why would you choose our wine? Here are some things that make our wine different and just a little bit special. 1. Bunch to BottleOur winemaker is also a viticulturist. He planted the vines, nurtured them in their early days and has watched over them for the last 15 years. When it came to picking in 2015, Rohan was right there, harvesting the fruit, processing it and making it into the wine you enjoy today. He has had a hand in every step along the way from bunch to bottle. 2. No Added Sulphur and PreservativesBeing a viticulturist, Rohan concentrates his time into getting the soils right so the plants can flourish...

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Bottling 2016

Our bottling for 2016 is complete! Bottling is an exciting time, when the fruits of our labour are realised, and the wine is ready to be enjoyed! We were finally able to bottle the much anticipated 2015 shiraz after over a year maturing in french oak. It does not disappoint; packed with flavour with hints of chocolate, coffee and blackberries. It has a gorgeous aroma and was a pleasure to put into bottle.  Also bottled was our 2016 chardonnay, which briefly sat in french oak before gently ageing. It has delicate notes of lemon, pear and a hint of vanilla.  The shiraz and ruby cabernet are particularly special, coming from vines Rohan planted 17 years ago on his parent's property....

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A Full Bin - Harvesting

It's a busy time in the vineyard, with harvesting underway. The fruit is in tight bunches, bursting with flavour and ready to be picked. As winemakers, we know when to pick the grapes based on their baume (sugar) level. By checking the baume daily and watching the weather reports, we decide when to harvest. After the grapes are picked, there is plenty to do in a short time frame. Today I'm sharing the process of harvesting the Shiraz grapes. Our Sauvignon Blanc has already been picked, pressed and is sitting in tanks, fermenting. Next week we will pick our Ruby Cabernet. This is the destemmer, which is connected to the back of the tractor. The destemmer and the harvester are driven up...

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