Bunch To Bottle

Bunch to bottle is our wine making philosophy

It’s what we leave out – and what we don’t do – that makes our wine different.
Bunch to bottle means that the same hands that plant the vineyard are the same hands that prune, pick, cellar and bottle our wine. Those hands belong to Rohan Meggs, winemaker, dad and family man. 
Because we only plant vines that flourish in our cool climate, they don’t need much intervention to develop their true characteristics.
Our role is minimal. We let our rich soil and environment do what they do best: produce optimum flavour that needs no taming.
bunch of purple grapes illustrationcellar door illustrationred wine glass illustration

Deliciously drinkable, sustainable Australian wine

Every step from bunch to bottle happens here at Enders Hill Farm. We know the story and soul of every wine we bottle.

Minimal preservatives, sulphates and additives are needed, allowing each vintage to unapologetically shine.

Every year is different and a reflection of the climate of that year. That’s how we make sustainable wine.

Bunch to bottle respects the integrity of the land, the grapes and the craft of viticulture.

It’s nature’s rhythm, harnessed by hand from our family to yours.

Our wines come alive in your glass, with easy drinking flavours everyone can enjoy.