Why Our Wine?

With so many different wines out there on the market, why would you choose our wine? Here are some things that make our wine different and just a little bit special.

1. Bunch to Bottle
Our winemaker is also a viticulturist. He planted the vines, nurtured them in their early days and has watched over them for the last 15 years. When it came to picking in 2015, Rohan was right there, harvesting the fruit, processing it and making it into the wine you enjoy today. He has had a hand in every step along the way from bunch to bottle.

2. No Added Sulphur and Preservatives
Being a viticulturist, Rohan concentrates his time into getting the soils right so the plants can flourish with minimal intervention. As a result, Rohan lets the fruit show its true characters, without the need for added sulphur and preservatives. Many of our wine lovers have commented that the absence of these additives has lead to a more pleasant drinking experience without the nasty headache or hangover. It's nice to know we are drinking wine as it should be! Others have commented on the complexity of the flavours, a direct result of no added preservatives masking the flavours in the wine. 

3. No Wine Recipe
We don't make wine to a recipe. We accept that every season is going to be different. Flavours, wine characteristics and alcohols are going to be different season to season. Our 2015 Shiraz verse our 2016 Shiraz (cellar release coming soon) are very different wines. Fruit was picked at different baumes, the temperatures were different and the fruit was VERY different. We are excited about our 2016 Shiraz, watch this spot!

4. Ruby Cabernet Isn't Just for Blending
We receive lots of questions about the Ruby Cabernet. Many wine lovers haven't heard of Ruby Cabernet and ask "Do you mean Cabernet Sauvignon?". Ruby Cabernet is a variety that is often used in blending wine. In 2015, the Ruby had a fantastic season, berries were plump, full flavoured and picked at just the right time. There was no need to use it as a blending wine, it was perfect as it was. The Ruby is a smooth easy drinking wine with many commenting that the flavour are even better on the second night (if the bottle lasts that long). 

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