Bottling 2016

Our bottling for 2016 is complete! Bottling is an exciting time, when the fruits of our labour are realised, and the wine is ready to be enjoyed!

We were finally able to bottle the much anticipated 2015 shiraz after over a year maturing in french oak. It does not disappoint; packed with flavour with hints of chocolate, coffee and blackberries. It has a gorgeous aroma and was a pleasure to put into bottle. 

Also bottled was our 2016 chardonnay, which briefly sat in french oak before gently ageing. It has delicate notes of lemon, pear and a hint of vanilla. 

The shiraz and ruby cabernet are particularly special, coming from vines Rohan planted 17 years ago on his parent's property. The fruit is usually sold to larger wineries, however Rohan held some back the last two years to create his own wine. Rohan has carried that wine, from bunch to bottle. He planted the vineyard, picked the fruit, processed the juice, bottled and packed the wine.

After filling bottles one by one in December, we needed to find a quicker way, hence the introduction of our 4 head filler! It made the process much more efficient, less labour intensive and fun! Even our dog Lexi had to come and have a look. 

We simply could not have got all our bottling done without the help of family members. More bodies on the production line, made the whole process go so much faster. 

Thank you to everyone who has followed our journey to date, it has been an exciting one - you can head to our products page to purchase our wine. Cheers!

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