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Why Our Wine?

With so many different wines out there on the market, why would you choose our wine? Here are some things that make our wine different and just a little bit special. 1. Bunch to BottleOur winemaker is also a viticulturist. He planted the vines, nurtured them in their early days and has watched over them for the last 15 years. When it came to picking in 2015, Rohan was right there, harvesting the fruit, processing it and making it into the wine you enjoy today. He has had a hand in every step along the way from bunch to bottle. 2. No Added Sulphur and PreservativesBeing a viticulturist, Rohan concentrates his time into getting the soils right so the plants can flourish...

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Winemaker Uncorked Update

Just settling some confusion with a quick update... As a newbie to the wine industry, I am learning on the job. Not only on how things are done but also all the little ins and outs! Mind blowing just how and what the winemakers can do to produce that perfect drop! The big thing I have learnt recently is about the buying and selling of fruit, before it even makes it in the bottle. You may have noticed the excitement that surrounded our first planting day in November 2016. We had a fabulous few days with family visiting and our dream coming to life. Recently, I posted photos on instagram of fully netted vines with little legs skipping down them. Like a toddler,...

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