Winemaker Uncorked Update

Just settling some confusion with a quick update...

As a newbie to the wine industry, I am learning on the job. Not only on how things are done but also all the little ins and outs! Mind blowing just how and what the winemakers can do to produce that perfect drop! The big thing I have learnt recently is about the buying and selling of fruit, before it even makes it in the bottle.

You may have noticed the excitement that surrounded our first planting day in November 2016. We had a fabulous few days with family visiting and our dream coming to life.

Recently, I posted photos on instagram of fully netted vines with little legs skipping down them. Like a toddler, vines don't grow overnight and need time to develop and grow solid foundations to produce fruit. These are absolutely NOT the same vines as above!

So where did these vines come from and why am I showing you the photos? Winemakers, I am learning, like to have vineyards scattered across the countryside. They might buy Shiraz fruit from Heathcote and Pinot Noir from the Mornington Peninsula. If they like a variety, but climatic conditions are just not suitable where they live, they buy it in. Process the fruit, make the wine and bottle and sell under their label. When next visiting a cellar door, it's worth taking note of how much wine is actually produced from estate grown grapes. Our current answer is zero, simply because they aren't big enough!

Rohan and I have been lucky enough to make some great contacts in the Macedon Ranges, one who was happy enough to sell Rohan fruit in exchange for his viticultural and winemaking expertise. Having recently taken over the property and vineyard, the current owners wanted to make wine for Vintage 2017 to store away for their future venture - details to come as we collaborate with them more! 

So Rohan makes regular trips out to the vineyard to check on things and sometimes, little one and I are lucky enough to get to go too. Although little one seems to think the pinot grapes are blueberries...

After harvesting a few weeks ago, the pinot grapes have been fermenting away. After a big day, we are very happy to announce our 2017 Macedon Ranges Pinot Noir is in barrel, developing age and flavour, to be released in mid 2018! 

While all of this has been going on, our shed at Trentham has been built. The completed winery and cellar door are still a fair way off, but all good things take time. In the vineyard, our Chardonnay, Gruner Veltliner and Riesling are growing nicely. Not quite the beanstalks that locals were expecting when we said we were putting in a vineyard in rich potato country soils, but going well. Our next big project is to start the trellising in our new vineyard block and plant our Pinot Noir! #vintage2020 We might even start building a house soon too. That is if the rain ever stops... 

Vineyard complete with rabbit holes, so many jobs on the to do list!



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