Cellar Release 2020

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After 3 years of working day and night, we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for our vineyard and winery dream.

It's been big and a lot of hard work (and will continue to be for many years to come) but we now have a house (thanks to PAAL kit homes and Rohan for building), a winery and soon to be cellar door, greenhouse and 2 vineyards established with a few more to come in the next few years. We have learnt a lot and had our ups and downs but on reflection, seeing the joy in Rohan's face is worth it all! 

Getting all our infrastructure in place has meant we have been able to move most of our wine to the property to store, keep safe and for Rohan to do some experimenting with (the whole idea behind our Winemaker Uncorked label).

So..... it is with great pleasure to release our NV Sparkling Shiraz and NV Sparkling Chardonnay. Both have been on Rohan's lists for quite some time - we were lucky to have some juice that was perfect for both.  

Rohan has also been able to secure small parcels of Pinot Noir from a few neighbouring vineyards in the Macedon Ranges. After some time in our French Oak barrels, Rohan is proud to present his earthy, natural Pinot Noir that showcases what minimal intervention can occur. Rohan is a strong believer in letting the fruit showcase itself, and this Pinot Noir certainly does this.

So it is with great pleasure, we release 3 more wines to our range. We can't wait for vintage 2021, our first true #bunchtobottle vintage. 



1 comment

  • Jeanette Fowkes

    It has been so wonderful watching you’re both grow this amazing vineyard and to see your first vintage is an absolute pleasure! Can’t wait for a taste. 👍🏼
    Brilliant hard work guys, congratulations!!!

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