The Story Behind Our Logo

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Since launching our wine earlier this year, we have received many wonderful comments about our name, logo and label design. So I thought I would share the story behind it, how it came about and how we ended up with the final design. 

In February 2015, while Rohan was busy harvesting grapes at his parent's vineyard, I was pregnant. Having finished teaching the year before, I was trying to get as much achieved as possible before our baby boy was born.

Rohan had been planning to make his first "serious" wine for a number of months, and with the hot temperatures, he was checking the vineyard everyday. He had made wine from his parent's grapes before, but never on this scale - just a barrel here and there. This was going to be his first commercial, large scale venture. 

Rohan had been contemplating the name of his wine for some time. Would it reflect where he has come from? His nomadic lifestyle? The location of which it was made? Or where he wants to be in the future?

After much thought, Rohan arrived home one day with a list of 10 different names, some playing on the words wine, cork, vines, and bunches. The very last name was Winemaker Uncorked. It immediately stood out to both of us. Rohan explained what this name meant to him; it reflected his goal to make wine that is true to its place, the way he wanted to. He wouldn't be dictated by marketing or the company he worked for - it was the winemaker doing what he wanted to do, unchained, uncomplicated, free - a Winemaker Uncorked. 

With the name decided on, it was time to design a logo and label. Thankfully, we have many talented family members and my uncle, a graphics designer, set to work on the task. He came up with many different designs, some of more traditional style, but it was the logo below that was the clear winner. Incorporating the wine glass into the "Uncorked" was a master stroke!

With a logo designed, we moved on to our labels and website. My uncle got cracking on the labels and my brother on the website. The look we have gone for is modern, yet classy and a little bit different - just like our wine.  

We are both very pleased with the end result and look forward to creating many wonderful wines under this label!

1 comment

  • Carol

    I’ve tried the wine, loved it, ordered it, drank more of it. Thanks for the info on the gorgeous design and the story behind the name. I’m glad Rohan was “uncorked” and has achieved his own thing with his grapes, I’m very impressed and proud of you both!

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