Hello, welcome to The Winemaker Uncorked. This blog is for people who wish to learn all about wine; from tasting wine and understanding terminology to learning how it’s made. I will start with some simple but useful information and progress over time, which should allow you to increase your appreciation and knowledge when it comes to choosing and tasting wine. You should be able to grow your knowledge as the posts continue. I will be as clear and concise as I can be, and keep technical terms to a minimum. About me. I’ve worked in the Australian wine industry for over 15 years. I’ve recently made the bold decision to go out on my own to make wine my way, and be my own boss. I aim to choose only the best parcels of fruit to make wine from and will use this blog to up-date you on what’s happening in the winery and in the vineyard throughout the year. This will allow you to understand seasonality and why some vintages can be better than others. Appreciating wine is a journey for your sense of taste and smell. You will always have your favourite wines, but it is exciting to indulge in newer and different wines and varieties. The same variety of grape can be made into different styles of wine, and can vary greatly from region to region. Winemaking techniques also have a significant influence on how you perceive the same variety. This can make understanding wine daunting at times. It is my goal to help remove some of the obscurity, because I believe the more you understand about wine, the more you will enjoy it. Cheers Rohan IMG_4747

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