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Wine Tasting - The Basics

A lot of wine tasting relates to past experience. Remembering wines previously tasted, sensations on the palette, regional nuances, wine styles, knowing what to look for and what flavours are specific to each variety. When you are new to wine this can seem a bit daunting, and remembering all the information that is thrown your way can take the fun out of it. Often when you are tasting wine, perceptions can override senses. You are better off trusting your own instinct rather than listening to someone tell you what you should be finding in the wine. To start the journey into wine tasting you should start with wines that you like, and not be swayed by the opinions of others....

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A Full Bin - Harvesting

It's a busy time in the vineyard, with harvesting underway. The fruit is in tight bunches, bursting with flavour and ready to be picked. As winemakers, we know when to pick the grapes based on their baume (sugar) level. By checking the baume daily and watching the weather reports, we decide when to harvest. After the grapes are picked, there is plenty to do in a short time frame. Today I'm sharing the process of harvesting the Shiraz grapes. Our Sauvignon Blanc has already been picked, pressed and is sitting in tanks, fermenting. Next week we will pick our Ruby Cabernet. This is the destemmer, which is connected to the back of the tractor. The destemmer and the harvester are driven up...

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Hello, welcome to The Winemaker Uncorked. This blog is for people who wish to learn all about wine; from tasting wine and understanding terminology to learning how it’s made. I will start with some simple but useful information and progress over time, which should allow you to increase your appreciation and knowledge when it comes to choosing and tasting wine. You should be able to grow your knowledge as the posts continue. I will be as clear and concise as I can be, and keep technical terms to a minimum. About me. I’ve worked in the Australian wine industry for over 15 years. I’ve recently made the bold decision to go out on my own to make wine my way,...

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